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Personal Loans

Installment Loans
You will find a variety of loans that is just right for you. We make loans for automobiles – new or used, boats, vacations, loan consolidation, home improvements and many other personal needs.

Home Loans
Buying a home may be the single most important investment you ever make. You deserve a choice when it comes to a home loan. Our goal is to make the entire home loan process a pleasant experience for you. We will work closely with you and your real estate professional every step of the way to ensure that the loan you choose is right for you now and in the future.

You will be working with people you know. Homeland Community was founded by people here in the community to provide the right kind of banking services for the folks who live and work here. It is the kind of bank that understands and identifies with local people.

What You’ll Need for the Application
You can speed up the application process by being prepared when you meet with our loan officers. The following checklist will help you prepare:

  • Names and Social Security number of all applicants.
  • Complete addresses for the last two years ( if you have been renting, include the names and addresses of your landlords).
  • Sources of income and the names and addresses of your employers for the last two years.
  • W-2 forms or other proof of income for the last two years.
  • A list of all your deposit accounts (checking, savings, stocks, bonds, etc.), including names, addresses, account numbers and current balances.
  • A list of all your installment loans, revolving charge accounts, student loans, mortgage loans and auto loans. Include names, addresses, account numbers, monthly payments and current balances.
  • If you choose to include income from child support/alimony payments, bring copies of court records or cancelled checks to show that payments have been received.
  • A typewritten or clearly legible sales contract signed by the buyer(s) and seller(s).
  • A check to cover the application fee, which usually includes the costs of a credit report and the appraisal.
  • If you are self-employed, include copies of your last two years income tax returns with all schedules. Also bring a profit-and-loss statement for the current year.
  • If you own other properties, include a list of all properties and current market value; any amounts owned on the properties, along with the lender’s names, addresses, account numbers, monthly payments and current balances; copies of your income tax returns for the last two years, along with all schedules; and, if the properties are rented, copies of the leases.
  • If you have filed bankruptcy within the last seven years, bring a copy of your petition and discharge , a written explanation of why you filed, and evidence of excellent credit since that time.

62 Month Balloon Loans
If you are anticipating trading-up or moving within a few years, you may find a balloon loan to your advantage. If you plan to keep the home you are buying for at least three years, but not more than five years, a balloon loan offers two major advantages: (1) you can enjoy a lower fixed monthly payment; and (2) if your plans change, you have the option of refinancing upon maturity of the balloon loan.

Construction Loans
See us before you start to plan your new home. We can save you time and money. With the builder in mind, we offer the traditional construction loan package.

Agricultural Loans
Homeland Community Bank offers Agricultural Loans to farmers and nursery owners for the purpose of purchasing land, equipment, livestock, and farming or nursery operations.

Business Loans
Financing needs vary from business to business. That’s why, at Homeland Community Bank, we offer a variety of business loans and will work closely with you to be sure you get the financing solution that is right for you. You’ll find the loan process is fast, simple and convenient. All decisions are made right here at home, sometimes within minutes. If you are not sure which type of financing is right for you, call or stop by and let us help you analyze your situation and your needs. At Homeland Community Bank, your business success is high on our list of priorities.

Installment Loans
When you want to purchase or refinance vehicles, equipment or other business assets, this may be your best choice.

  • Take up to five years to repay.
  • Lock in a fixed interest rate or choose a variable rate.
  • Make monthly payments by automatic draft or coupon book.
  • You have a great deal of flexibility in choosing assets to use as collateral. You can include company vehicles, machinery and equipment, stocks and bonds as well as other assets.

Mortgage Loans
When you want to buy or refinance business real estate, consider a business mortgage loan.

• Take up to 15 years to repay.
• Fixed or variable interest rates.
• Monthly payments by automatic draft or coupon book.
• You can obtain financing with either a first or second lien on your property.
• With a loan that is fully amortizing, there is no need to renew.
• Competitive rate reduces your interest expense and helps you build equity faster.

Lines of Credit
When you need a flexible and convenient way to manage your cash flow, a business line of credit could be the answer.

  • Revolving line of credit with annual review.
  • Variable interest rate.
  • You can choose to make minimum monthly payments with interest or use an automatic draft option.
  • Your credit is available when you need it, Depending on the line you choose, you may access your credit line via telephone transfers or personal withdrawals at the bank.

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