Homeland Community Bank is a locally owned and operated bank located in Warren County, Tennessee, approximately 75 miles southeast of Nashville. View our locations here

Homeland Community Bank was organized in 2003 by a group of local business persons to provide modern banking services from a local perspective.

About Us

In 2003, a group of Warren County business persons had an idea for a different kind of bank. They envisioned a bank where friends and neighbors would feel like family. The idea behind Homeland Community Bank was to re-create the kind of close, personal banking relationships that existed in years gone by and at the same time offer a complete selection of modern banking services. The result is an independent bank with the vision, the commitment and the flexibility to tailor its services to the specific needs and preferences of the people of this area. All decisions are made by people you know, right here in the community. The members of our board of directors, officers and staff are all local people, your friends and neighbors, people you see often, people who care about you and our community.

Mission Statement
Homeland Community Bank is dedicated to being Warren County’s premier independent community bank. The founders, directors, management and staff are committed to providing quality financial services and superior customer service to small and medium sized businesses, the real estate industry, professionals and consumers of our community in a fair and consistent manner, while protecting the integrity of our shareholders’ investments.

Board of Directors
The organizers of the bank and its first board of directors are Keith Bouldin, David Bratcher, David Bryan, Jeff Flatt, Ray Talbert, and Ronnie Wilson.  
The Board voted in January 2024 to add two additional directors.  The two new directors added were Stanley "Butch" Bullen and Sarah Cantrell.  
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